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August 2022 Student Minister’s Note

August is upon us, and with it has come back to school shopping, registering kids, and a general anticipation of what the school year will bring. August is such an exciting time for our church and for so many of our families! We are starting our children’s and youth activities back in full swing, and smiling faces come through the doors by the dozen.

This fall, I ask that you would join me in praying for and reaching the students that come to Calvary.

Research tells us that 65% of the kids that are attending church now will drop out of church completely as an adult.
The 35% that stay say their experience with church is defined by relationships.

They develop a long lasting relationship with Jesus because they see that modeled consistently by members of the church.

They stay connected to the church because they feel known, loved, and valued by members of the church they attend- not just their teachers, but people they may describe as grandparents in the faith, true models of Jesus’s love.

I pray that we all join together in caring well for the students that God has brought us- getting to know them, bringing them to church outside of Wednesday nights, investing in what they are interested in, and sharing our lives with them.

Relationships make the difference in how our students experience the love of Jesus. Jesus had a deeply relational ministry as he spent the majority of his time investing in a small group of people.

As we seek to live our lives as Jesus did, I pray that we seek opportunities to disciple those that he has entrusted us with.

— Lilly Hunter


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